You're God's Masterpiece


a ministry for teenagers…



You're designed to soar



You're rooted in Christ



You're made prosperous

You were created to shine at full strength and be all God planned for you

God has placed a seed, a treasure in every individual. Before He formed us, He knew us and ordained each one for a unique purpose.

IBloom is a ministry for teenagers. Our vision is to equip teenagers to discover their identity in Christ, God’s purpose for their lives, and thrive in it.

Through the Word, prayer, and a community that gives them room for expression, IBloom is committed to raising and equipping firebrand teenagers.





Our Objectives

To equip teenagers to discover their identity in Christ

To equip teenagers to know and develop a relationship with the person of the Holy Spirit

To equip teenagers to discover God’s purpose for their lives

To equip teenagers to thrive in God's purpose for their lives.

To equip teenagers to develop a living relationship with God through fellowship with the Word and a consistent life of prayer

IBloom meets for 40 minutes every Saturday, 7pm WAT.

If you are a teenager who wants to see all of the above happen in your life, there is room for you.

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