About Rev. Bimbo

Rev. (Dr) Bimbo Mesele, is a prophetic voice to nations and a passionate teacher of God’s word. She is the president of Bimbo Mesele Ministries, committed to Communicating the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit everywhere. As the host of The Holy Spirit and You, a weekly teaching program on YouTube, with onsite meetings, she reaches audiences around the world with the message of intimacy and partnership with the Holy Spirit.

The Ministers' Tribe

She is the visionary of The Ministers’ Tribe, a global community where a supernatural army is equipped, strengthened, and refreshed for greater impact in their sphere of influence and the world at large. 

The Ministers’ Tribe has seven major expressions: The Ministers’ School Global (the equipping arm for ministry gifts), The Believers’ Academy (the equipping arm for believers), The Intercessors’ Network, GLOW, a platform for Women in Ministry, Ischuros – for Men in Ministry, The Ministers’ Tribe Global Territories, and Rare Breed – for individuals in Campus Ministry.


Leadership Development

She is the CEO of Ploutizo Consulting Limited, a beacon of innovation and excellence in the human resources landscape. With a steadfast commitment to nurturing talent and fostering organizational growth. Ploutizo is established as a premier global HR firm, trusted by industry leaders and emerging enterprises alike.

As the CEO of Ploutizo Consulting Limited, Dr. Bimbo Mesele leverages her multifaceted experience in Banking, Public Sector, and Learning and Development to help individuals and businesses thrive in the corporate world. Her proven track record of leadership and commitment to excellence positions her as a dynamic force, making significant contributions to the fields of consulting, leadership development, and investigations.

She has authored three books namely Fellowship with the Holy Spirit, God Has Designed Your Destiny and Destiny Nuggets.

And yes, she is happily married to my darling husband, Folorunso Mesele, and they are blessed with children.

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